Happy 2014!

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Best of 2013: Memories

This past year has been a whirlwind of some awesomely good and awefully bad times. All in all, I've learned so much and I'm so grateful to have shared it with my family, friends, and followers. Here is a glimpse of some of the best ups and downs of my life during the year =)

My Friend's 80's Themed Party.
I love playing dress up! If I can't fully execute a costume for a party or any get-together, I just won't go. I don't like half-assing, so when given the chance to go all out on a crazy shindig, I went all out.
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My Trip to the Bay.
To see the full post, click here and here.
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Stop Over in South Korea.
I didn't get to stay long, but this country has definitely made a good impression on me. I'm definitely making it a mission of mine to come back and perhaps stay for a week or so. This place is absolutely amazing!
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San Diego
I've been to SD a few times, but this year was special. This year, I was able to witness a baby panda and his mother. Aaaand this year, I was able to play tourist all around Balboa Park.
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My Trip to Cebu.
If you didn't already know, early in November of this year, the deadliest typhoon on record hit the Philippines. I was caught in the middle of it. For me, the area I stayed in wasn't hit as hard. Thousands of my fellow Filipinos were not so lucky. It was definitely an eye-opening experience and I still pray for those who were affected.

These next 2 pictures were taken before the typhoon hit. From my home, this was what I woke up to every single day.
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This is the view from my drive to the city. A beautiful horizon right next to the highway.
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This was taken at Sto. Niño Church. The church was closed due to the damage from the recent earthquakes that occurred, but the candle-lighting area was still open for the public.
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Afrojack Concert at CSUN.
Such a fun night filled with good music and lots of food trucks!
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Dinner Date at Jazz Cat.
Lots of laughs and a no holds barred trip to Target with (from L-R) Vanessa from NessasaryMakeup, Lena from LadyLOnline, Jackie from JRoseOnline, and Joey from One Among the Fence.
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Last but not least, my hike during sunset.
I have been hiking many, MANY times before, but never during the afternoon. During this trip, I was able to witness a very clear, very breathtaking sunset.
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That does it for some of Best of 2013, til next time...

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Best of 2013: Products

It's that time of the year again!
So what made my list for Best of 2013 Products? Keep reading to find out!

Express Woven Satchel, originally featured here
I, literally, have used this bag every single day since I bought it and it still looks good as new! The faux leather hasn't changed any sort of funky color and none of the threading outside or in the interior of the purse has come undone. I ADORE this purse!
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Reebok UrLead Mid.
These kicks are super lightweight and they are incredibly comfortable for all day wear. They are made for dancing but I wear them any chance I get because that's just how much I love them.
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Wet'n Wild Fergie Center Stage Perfect Pout in Bebot Love.
My absolute favorite nude lippie. Evarr. Just the right amount of pink and beige, and absolutely LOVE on the lips. It's glides on like a dream and stays on. The finish is semi-matte and at just under $4, how can you not be in love with it?
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Wet'n Wild Fergie Center Stage Eyeshadow Primer in For My Primas.
This is an absolute dream! It didn't matter how frikken hot or humid the weather was, this baby did its' job right. Even after an uber sweaty day, I still had to use makeup remover to take off my eye-makeup when I used this.
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Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation in 5, originally featured here.
My new HG foundation! I was skeptical at first because it was described as semi-dewy finish. However, I read somewhere that it was like an IG filter for real life, so I knew I had to give it a go. And I'm so glad I did because I have fallen so deep in love with it!
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Etude House Oh M'Eye Line in Black, originally featured here.
I have never loved a liquid eyeliner so much until I got this. It's not labeled as waterproof but trust me, it is! It's one of the darkest, most pigmented black liquid liners and it's super user friendly. It's seriously fool-proof! My only regret is that I didn't purchase a backup.
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Zara Double Zip Booties.
I thrifted these early during the year. I haven't worn them that much, but the days that I do, I always get such great compliments on them. They go with just about anything, plus with the thick heel, they are quite comfortable.
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MAC Hayley Williams Collection in Sounds Like Noise, originally featured here.
My summer staple. Scratch that, my new staple!!!
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Woody Time!

Just bought myself a lil' sumthin' sumthin'...

I'm not really big on time pieces, but I do admire them on other people. Recently however, I found myself feeling the need to own a statement watch. I'm not sure what provoked the need, but somehow it led me to this.

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The Woodman Watch by Bewell
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As big as it is, it's surprisingly very light. It's for men so it's naturally very big on my small wrists, but I like the loose, chunky look. It's made with bamboo and other recycled/repurposed materials. Eco-friendly AND fashionable... sign me up anytime!

 photo DSC_3534_zps4cf2b9b8.jpg

It came with simple and easy to follow instructions on how to take out the links if the band is too big. Thank goodness for that because I ended up taking out all 4 removable links and moving the screw on the clasp to the smallest setting.

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That's it for now folks,

(note: i purchased this piece with my own money)


Brush Overload

Okaayyy... so this is a super late post! A few weeks ago, Groupon had this amazing deal on Beauté Basics 24 Piece Brush Set.

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I already own a brush set from this brand (see review here) and because I really liked that set, I decided to give this set a chance. In the previous set, I mentioned the brushes were definitely not pro quality. With this new set however, the quality is much more comparable to more high-end brands. The bristles on the face brushes are all very soft but not at all flimsy. And for the price of $29.99, it was definitely a steal!

 Here is a list of what comes in the kit (in no particular order):

Powder brush
Bronzer brush
Angle blush brush
Buffer fan brush
Foundation brush
Deluxe shadow brush
Concealer brush
Chisel Fluff brush
Square camo brush
Angle fluff brush
Blending fluff brush
Crease eyeshadow brush
Chisel blender brush
Brow/lash grooming brush
Mini camo brush
Deluxe fan brush
Mini smudger
Angle brow brush
Lip brush
Angle liner brush
Lash fan brush
Detail liner brush
Mascara brush
24-slot makeup case

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So would I recommend this item? Definitely! I love the black and red combo, and the brush roll that it all comes in looks and feels durable. So even if the brushes end up not lasting as long as I hope they will, I know I can get my money's worth using the roll for my other brushes.

If you're on the market for some new makeup brushes, definitely check this set out! I don't think I would pay full retail price for it, but if you can get it discounted, go for it! I wish it came with a stipple brush though, but that's okay... maybe the next deal will have it.

That's all for now,

(note: i purchased this item with my own money)


Merry Christmas!

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(fyi: if you didn't know, that's my lil girl Lola)


You're My Halo

So as all my avid readers know, Chanel's Mat Lumiere has been my holy grail for the past 2+ years. Unfortunately, sometime mid this year, it just hasn't been cutting it for me. I became all dry and patchy in some areas of my face and it just wasn't cute. For some weeks, I decided to try Maybelline's Fit Me liquid foundation because I heard such good things about it but still, it was missing the extra oomph.

Fast forward to about a month ago, I heard about Smashbox's Liquid Halo foundation. Some described it as "Instagram" filters for real life, which instantly sparked my interest (who doesn't want an auto-filter???) So I decided to ask for a sample of it, you know, just to see how my skin would react to it. And you know what? I absolutely LOVED it! I was definitely willing to spend the $42 USD (about $13 USD less than my former love). Medium but buildable coverage that was semi dewy (easily fixed with translucent powder if you like a matte finish, my favorite happens to be Ben Nye Neutral Set powder).

Anyway, so off to Sephora I go...
 photo DSC_3449_zps7979ff63.jpg

All the extras I received for being a member...
 photo DSC_3451_zps0929d6c7.jpg

Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need palette in "Drea" that I purchased in order to make the "free shipping over $50" mark... don't lie, you know you do the same thing!
 photo DSC_3452_zps75e98c50.jpg

The palette in detail.
 photo DSC_3453_zpsb6b5d1d1.jpg

Here are some swatches... pigmentation is okay, the formula is a bit too powdery for my taste but it blends very nicely!
 photo DSC_3455_zps2ee87428.jpg

And now to my new holy grail!

I'm shade 5... a MAC NC37-40 depending on the time of the year, Chanel Naturel, or Maybelline Fit Me 310 for comparison. This foundation truly gives a very nice, smooth HD finish in real life. Not sure that it filters all imperfections, but it's pretty damn close.
 photo DSC_3457_zpsaa1f4b8a.jpg

Here's a swatch... it pretty much disappears on the back of my hand so it ends up being a true match on my face.
 photo DSC_3459_zpsebf25116.jpg

Anyone else ever try this? Please let me know how you feel about it or if there is something else you think I would like =)


In The Midst...

A couple of weeks ago or so, I had to leave on an emergency trip... I'll tell ya  more about it when I'm ready. However, while I was away, I did have some time to myself and was able to do some retail therapy. Don't judge me...

Put it like this, there is no Etude House in Los Angeles, but there was one available where I visited... so since I had some down time, that meant I had some haul time...
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I wasn't in the market for lotions or moisturizers but how could I say no to something as adorable as this?

Hand lotion in "Sunny Sunny Apple"
 photo DSC_3079_zpsd240f871.jpg

 photo DSC_3080_zps82bb7f96.jpg

Since I was running out of mascara, I decided it would be worth a try...

 Lash Perm Proof Mascara in "Leisure"
 photo DSC_3073_zpse928eb87.jpg

It's thick on one side...
 photo DSC_3074_zps4a9062ee.jpg

and thin on the other...
 photo DSC_3076_zps1d591058.jpg
Still unsure about how I feel about it. I like the length and hold it gives me, but the formula tends to clump.

 Oh m'Eye Line in "Black"
 photo DSC_3077_zpsc487de42.jpg
This is my favorite of the bunch. It isn't marketed as waterproof but in my experience it is. It's pretty much fool proof. The smooth formula + the brush is tapered so well that it doesn't matter whether if you're a beginner or a pro, you pretty much get a perfect line every time. 

That's all for my mini haul, let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you think!